Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Where the Garment Gapes

"Here in a crack in the metropolis scrawlings, traces, objects, photographs, film and sound can be experienced The garment gapes and hints at what is hidden underneath. Between the contradictions are the gaps, reappearing and disappearing meaning, creating a texture of interpretation, a tissue of sensation. This is a show of new work by the current artists from the MMU Fine Art MA."

Monday, 30 March 2009

Nice video Gemma

Nicely edited and a lovely soundtrack - she obviously has too much time on her hands. But who cares!? She's in a hip band and on tour!

Oh and

You should have a listen to these bands - I have and I thoroughly recommend it.

Swanton Bombs


Last year I went to Victoria Baths

Even though it was a while ago, I thought I'd post a little about a visit I made to Victoria Baths. For my own memory more than anything, I thought I'd make a note on this blog. It's a super lovely beautiful building and makes me hate the Aquatic Centre lots and lots.

I took a few pics and got quite excited about the Art stuff they had got on down there at that point. They appoint artists in residence to work in response to the architecture and restoration of the baths.

The artist in residence at the time I went was Andy Wallace. This was last September just before it got all wintery in Manchester.

Visit Victoria Baths for more information about the place and theres a page on artists projects.

Also, here is a nice pic I took:

I thought it looked beautiful, I particularily liked that the work was made from newspaper but the scale of it made it seem so monumental and impressive.

The size of the work really made me think about the grand scale of Victoria Baths - it's absolutely massive! The square panels of newspaper reflected the tiles and the intricate structure of the ceiling. I suppose the work references the scale and size of the baths but also the fragility of the building. The newspaper could easily be ripped or damaged in time.

The baths themselves are a fine examples of Victorian Architecture but inside its a crumbling mess -with pretty bits. I can't wait to see it when the restoration is complete. I couldn't say what I prefered most, the building or the exhibition...

Oh and check out who got here before me:

I hope the buliding continues to be used by artists, but I also thought it would be an obvious place to have a music festival. I found out they used some of the spaces for tea dances and choirs.


But it's blatantly crying out for a gig in the swimming pool.

I'll keep you updated on opening times, I think I read there are open days every Sunday from March and guided tours on a Wednesday at 2pm starting from April 1st. Oh that will be a nice place to take Mother who is visiting on Wed.



Nice to meet you.

More often than not I have a lot to say about things but I never feel like I can put pen to paper. (In this case it will be more like putting finger to keyboard - seems a lot less romantic) I'm going to use this blog to see if I can say things in a nice and eloquent way in a public space without feeling too rubbish or silly/stupid.

The blog will cover all things that I like. These are in no particular order, actually yes they are in order because I'd probably think of the thing I like most first,






Interior Design





I am also interested in making my blog look nice so I think in the next few months I will be interested in html codes too but hopefully I wont be writing much about them as they look quite boring.

I drew this some years ago but I hope it gives you a sense of optimism about these forthcoming posts.

Yours, with hope

Clare Shauna